List rules

Crime in Store is a moderated list, a place for a conversation about the business of real mystery books in real bookstores.

These are preliminary ground rules, in no particular order.  We’ll add to them over time as necessary.

1) No links without comment.  If you’re drawing attention to an article/blog/etc, include a summary and a comment about why you think it’s of interest to the list.  Posts that are nothing more than links will be rejected.

2) No links to deals, sales, etc.  No “my book is free for Kindle this weekend.”  We can talk about how one goes about effectively promoting and discounting, but we’re talking about books not ebooks, and we’re talking technique rather than just conveying advertising.   (I will offer some limited promotional opportunities on a paid basis.)

3) Other forms of blatant self promotion are similarly banned.

4) Crime in Store is not about the craft of mystery writing, so posts about writing, research etc. will be rejected.

5) For publishers, we’re not going to get into the mechanics of producing a book.  Nothing about scanning or design software or editing.  We are talking about how to market and sell books, not their creation.  (That said, I’m certainly interested in exploring how distribution arrangements influence content, and visa versa.)

6) Anything else the moderator deems inappropriate will be rejected.

Decisions of the moderator — that’s me — are final.  Excessive protest of such decisions are grounds for dismissal from the community.

— Jim